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Modifying a Guardianship

Have you been appointed as a guardian, or are you or a loved one the subject of an existing guardianship? Often times, especially with an Article 81 Guardianship, circumstances may change requiring modification of certain aspects of the guardianship. A court order is typically required to modify a guardianship, as a guardian is limited to making only those decisions for the individual that were specifically authorized in the original court order appointing the guardian.

These changes may include termination of the guardianship, removal of a guardian, the appointment of a successor, standby or co-guardian, approval to relocate the subject individual, appoint counsel to assist the guardian, approval to sell or purchase real property, reduction or elimination of the bond, approval to engage in Medicaid or estate planning, or to grant any additional authority that was not specifically authorized by the Court.

The Law Offices of David Smoren, PLLC, can assist you in making an application to the Court requesting a modification of an existing guardianship matter. Call us today at 718 225-6700 for a free phone consultation or to arrange for a comprehensive home or office consultation or simply post a comment or question on the contact form.