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Guardianship Law

New York Guardianship Law

Does a loved one, friend, relative or neighbor lack the ability to properly care for him or herself? Whether such inability is due to age, illness, exploitation, lack of family or support in the community, The Law Offices of David Smoren, PLLC can provide the insight necessary for you to decide whether or not to pursue the appointment of a legal guardian.

The appointment of a Guardian is a serious legal matter affecting the fundamental rights of another person. Deciding whether to pursue the appointment of a guardian is the first step and deciding what type of guardianship is the next. The various courts and types of guardianship proceedings available can be confusing. We can help.

Whether you are seeking to have a guardian appointed, opposing a guardianship case brought by someone else, modifying a guardianship, or whether you require assistance with an existing guardianship matter, our firm, with over three hundred active guardianship cases, has the ability and experience to assist you with all aspects of guardianship law.

For over nine years, The Law Offices of David Smoren, PLLC has and continues to help individuals, families, municipalities, non-profit organizations, and the various New York courts in the area of Guardianship Law. Call 718 225-6700 today for a free phone consultation or to arrange for an office or in home consultation or simply post a comment or question on the contact form.